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Happy child

“The kids are so excited each day. When we turn down Campus Drive they yell ‘School! School!’ When we pick them up, they are glad to see us but they often don’t want to leave. It is a great environment for them and they obviously love it.”
 Cody and Holly Strate, North Hampton


“Seacoast Community School is a wonderful organization. The teachers cared and went way beyond their job descriptions each day. The physical facility is beyond anything I could imagine in the Seacoast. The teachers have great routines and structure from washing hands, signing in, storytelling, growing vegetables in the garden, and more. I highly recommend the school to all families.”
– Paul Whitcomb, Portsmouth


“The Seacoast Community School is an invaluable resource for working parents. As a single parent, I was able to work full-time, knowing my son was in good hands before and after school and during summer vacations. Thanks SCS! My son is now a Dean's List student.”
– M. Truman, Portsmouth


“My two children gained so much by attending The Community School preschool in Greenland. We never had any worries knowing that our kids had a safe, fun place to learn and grow. Denise, Alicia, and Karen were all excellent teachers. The kids loved it, and did very well in kindergarten. They still talk about the preschool today! It was a great experience and I'd highly recommend it to other families.”
– Michelle Deorocki, Greenland


“We enrolled at SCS when Reagan was 6 months old and have been very impressedwith the teachers and how comfortable they made Reagan feel. Reagan is now 2, and we love how patient and caring all the teachers are, and how supportive all the staff have been. The school teachers teach the same values and manners that Reagan has been learning at home. We couldn't ask for a better place.”
 Alicia Medros, Rye


Knowing that my daughter was in excellent child care - the physical location, the teachers, the staff - was a huge comfort. I’d drop her off in the morning before kindergarten and she’d be bused to school and back to the campus for afternoon care. I know my daughter is in wonderful hands and I don’t have to worry about transportation at all.”
– PEAK Program Parent


PEAK provides a safe, nurturing, fun, and disciplined environment in a convenient location. We both work and our three girls are involved in many after school activities. We have appreciated the consistency in the schedule, but flexibility for our kids’ activities. The staff has been a tremendous support in helping the girls complete homework before pick up; it has also done a great job of setting up clear expectations and a sense of community. PEAK has been a blessing for our life style and a positive influence on our girls for the past five years.”
– PEAK Program Parent


I have been so impressed with the level of commitment that the SCS teachers display. They make it a priority to really get to know each child in their care. They know when to give extra love and support, and also when to give firm but gentle guidance. I’ve been extremely happy with our experience at the school and both of my children love it.”
– Jen Bagan, Portsmouth


My children's teachers have been nothing less than amazing. Year after year, they have consistently approached their work with intelligence, thoughtfulness, and love. They see each child’s individuality and help her or him to express it. They recognize an interest or talent, and help each child explore it. They make each child feel safe, and heard, and important. My kids come back from school with tales of wonder and fun: art projects, a love of books, nature walks, science experiments, and more. My children are the amazing little people they are, in large part, because of their teachers.”
– Jennifer Stout, Eliot


We chose Seacoast Community School because we believe it’s the best in the area. When we moved here we looked at a number of different schools for our son. We were delighted by what we saw during our visit to Seacoast Community School. The staff were warm and attentive, took my questions seriously, and worked hard to make my child feel welcome. My son loves his teachers and the nutritious meals, outdoor classrooms, and nature trails that are available. We both love their fabulous soft gym, which has enabled my son to burn off energy when the weather isn’t cooperating.
– Marsha Filion, Portsmouth


I am so impressed by how much my kids learn at SCS. Rotating units, always learning something new, and the teachers take a proactive role in informing me of the milestones that my kids have reached, so I can further work on those things at home.”
– Deb McNeilly, Portsmouth


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