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Early Childhood Education Curriculum


Building strong foundations for healthy, confident, and school-ready children

The critical importance of quality education during the first three years of your child’s life cannot be overemphasized. The latest research in child development indicates that the learning activities that your child enjoys in our early childhood classrooms will have a profound influence on their later success in school and life.

At Seacoast Community School we strive to give every student the best possible start in life, providing excellent education and care through our innovative curriculum and knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

We are one of a handful of centers in New Hampshire that has achieved NAEYC accreditation, which reflects our extremely high standards in education, safety, nutrition, and cleanliness. NAEYC accreditation confirms that our curriculum and practices are among the highest in the country.

Our bright and airy classrooms are filled with colorful and diverse learning materials specifically designed to spark your child’s interest and encourage her progression through key developmental milestones.

Every early childhood education teacher is a professional with college level credentials. Our child care experts nurture and track your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and language growth on a daily basis, providing you with regular updates on their progress. Teachers work as a supportive team, gently encouraging your child along a continuum of care that spans their entire time with us, from one classroom to the next, with the ultimate aim of helping them develop into a happy, confident, and successful member of society.

Teachers plan their lessons drawing from the Creative Curriculum® system, a widely accepted, rigorously researched curriculum approach that honors creativity and empowers teachers to individually tailor activities to make learning exciting and relevant for every student, regardless of their level of development. Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum® to monitor the development of infants and toddlers up to age two.

Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment System® is a part of the Creative Curriculum®system. It is endorsed by the State of New Hampshire Department of Education and is compatible with early learning standards and kindergarten readiness. It measures knowledge and skills that are important for school success, focusing on 38 basic objectives that are organized into nine areas of development. These span everything from oral language and social and cognitive development to literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts. Our teachers use Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment System® to monitor the development of children age two and older.